Ensuring Breast Cancer with Biopsy Network

When raised lumps or abnormalities in the body, you certainly raises concerns on whether it is cancerous or not. Maybe you've heard about breast biopsy and expressed as means definitely determine cancer. What is that? Is it dangerous for the body?

Tissue biopsy is taking a small piece of tissue for examination. Checks can be done under a microscope by a pathologist or by other means such as chromosome analysis etc. With the microscope examination, the pathologist can assess up to the cellular level to determine whether the network is cancerous or not.

Breast Cancer with Biopsy

Whenever I do a checkup?

This action is performed when there is suspicion on the mass or body tissues toward malignancy or cancer. tissue biopsy can also be conducted to assess the suitability of the organ to be transplanted to the recipient.

How is this done?

The core of this examination is to take a little piece of tissue for examination. There are various ways that can be done in taking networks: namely Biposi incisional tissue sampling through cutting with a scalpel. You will be under general anesthesia or local depending on the location of the mass, and with a scalpel, the skin is cut to find the mass and taken a bit to be examined.

Excisional biopsy is suspected of taking the whole mass to then examined under a microscope. This method is performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the location of the mass and is usually done when a small tumor mass and no metastasis or spread of the tumor.

Needle biopsy is taking tissue or fluid samples by vacuuming through the needle. Usually this is done with a local anesthetic (only the area around the needle) and can be done directly or assisted with radiology such as CT scan or ultrasound as a guide for physicians to make the needle reaches the masses or the desired location. When the biopsy needle using large needles so-called core biopsy, whereas when using a small needle or fine needle aspiration fine then called a biopsy.

Biopsy needle with the help of endoscopy. The principle is the same, namely a tissue sample with a needle aspiration, it's just that this method using an endoscope as a guide. This method is good for the tumor in the body such as the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal and content. Endoscopy with a camera into the channel to the location of the cancer, and the needle is taken a bit of tissue as a sample.

Punch biopsy. This action is usually done on abnormalities in the skin. This method is done with a tool like a pencil size which is then focused on abnormalities in the skin, then a sharp instrument in it will take the skin tissue is pressed. You will need local anesthesia alone and when making large, the skin does not need stitches.